Move specific extention to specific folder after download is complete

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2015-11-02 09:48
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Stijn (2015-12-02 11:20)
I'm really interested in this as well, is it still possible with the current Chrome versions? show moreAnd a small tutorial would be very convenient.
Ryan (2016-04-20 19:54)
Looking into this a bit further, I see that the {r_done} reference doesn't quite work with show moresorting files into directories. Instead, you'll want to specify {r_downloading} instead. This way, as it downloads, it sorts the file into the appropriate directory. Simply replace the {r_done} with {r_downloading} for the default filetypes such as Images, Audio, Document, etc. Make sure they are marked as "Active", via the checkbox on the left column.
Jonathan (2018-02-01 20:00)
not quuite working for me. I can see that it picks up the rule, then initiate show morethe download according to the rule. However, at the end the file name is the original file name