Import/Export Settings?

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2016-05-24 20:36

Add option to import and export ui settings, and app options. Maybe sync settings w/ Chrome. At minimum, advise where are the settings stored?

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grig (2016-07-18 13:34)
I lost about 30 custom rules somehow. I wish I could export from a backup and show moreimport into the current version.
SUDEEP KUMAR GHOSH (2016-12-12 01:34)
Main interface
hairbautt (2019-03-21 00:38)
Definitely a feature worth adding please!
twin0mega (2019-08-23 09:53)
Can we please get a simple import/ export? Every few months I reformat my PCs. It's show morea royal pain to screenshot each setting, then reenter it in each time. Please add this! Thanks!