A new user needs directions on how to use this!
Where are instructions? A FAQ is not a substitute for a help file or some type of downloadable manual, something?

I can't find settings/options. This got so out of control I had to kill Chrome with Task Manager.

I managed to guess a way to start a download job, but could not stop nor pause it. How about explaining how to start this and use it? The little popup are out of control by default. They cover everything on the edge of the screen, making it useless.

I will be removing it until I get proper instructions to control this thing.

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2017-07-04 06:17
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ahmet (2017-12-02 17:15)
totally right. it is impossible to figure out this app. how to use it?
Paul Beardsell (2018-04-30 02:42)
Exactly right. I can't work out how to use this thing, and I'm ordinarily quite good show moreat all this.
Ryq (2018-09-15 07:37)
I didn't take calculus in 1st grade. Why explain the advanced features without teaching show moreus how to run the program. If iti followed standards, we should be able to figure it out. But we can't be expected to understand ho one person uses words and how he creates software when we can't find a menu. Is some competitor to this software removing all the instructions so no one . uses i?