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Luke (2017-04-05 01:29)
I'd like to know as well
A Downloader (2017-04-08 08:50)
Why is the FAQ pointless?
Tech (2017-04-11 12:05)
I also would like to know, or just know if this will be in next update???? show more
James (2017-05-13 19:16)
The simple question is not answered/87M4RI
Hamish (2017-05-28 19:24)
I'd like to know too - simple question, why no answer?
ariel (2017-11-13 05:21)
plus button [➕] adds new download task or a list of task. Play [▶️] and show morepause [⏸️] buttons explain themselves, double play [⏩] and pause [⏸️⏸️] do same but to a selection of task. The double arrow icon [????] restarts the task. The [❌] allows you to delete the task with the option to delete the file too Im not sure what the recycle button [♻️] do, but i think that deletes completed tasks
wally (2018-01-30 03:56)
it's absurd how hard it is to find out what the recycle button does. I want show moreto hide old downloads from the queue without deleting the files. poor support for this product, but what do you want for nothing?
tomman (2018-03-14 07:23)
New Task | Start | Pause | Restart | Start All | Pause All | Recycle show more| Delete
PeX Bergman (2018-12-26 23:15)
Well.. Ariel, above has a nasty attitude and should keep away from answering if he doesn't show moreintend to answer properly. Some buttons are not obvious when it comes to a downloader. How difficult it can be to create a small manual ... Good product in a bad package!