I have been trying to find a way to download over 10000 files. Unfortunately the limit of number of tasks is 10000 and it automatically registers only the first 9999 urls. How can I find the rest of the urls so I can add them afterwards ? I cannot split them beforehand... I sure hope you can help me because as of now there is no way of getting any files from urls Chrono sniffed beyond 10000. It sniffs them, but cant do anything with the last ones, cant even copy all those urls infront of me :( thank you very much in advance. Sorry for my english

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2017-09-21 08:26

Your English is just fine.  Ignore the losers who harp on typos and misphrasings -- EVERYONE does that.

I don't know the answer to your question, but (What on Earth are you downloading? :-) ) may I suggest that you save the HTML page and chop it up into 9,000 chunk items in your favorite HTML editor, then load each page seperately and specify things that-a-way.

Conversely you might try sorting, selecting chunks with SHIFT, and/or using the Regular Expression filters.

NOT the answer that you wanted, but that might get you limping along.  Alternatively, look at FireFox 56 (and below) and Down-Them-All for this.  Or look at WGET and feed it a list of URLs.  It'll eat ANYthing at all.

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