How to change download location?

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2015-09-20 15:16

Due to the restriction of Chrome's downloads API, currently you cannot configure download folder inside the extension, you need to change Chrome's default download location and every downloaded file will go into that folder. Do as follows:

  • Go to Chrome's Settings (chrome://settings)
  • Click Show advanced settings...
  • Change the Download location under Downloads section


With version greater than 0.9.0, you can find a folder button on status bar (bottom left) that directly opens above settings page.

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Daniel (2015-10-06 01:30)
please make a feature to allow different destinations for different tasks
keiven (2015-12-02 11:47)
Evan (2016-02-12 19:03)
I agree with Daniel - please work on the option to change the download destinations from show morewithin the extension, on a per-download basis, and allowing different downloads to go to different destinations.
Flávio (2016-02-17 13:37)
Is it possible to make Chrono remember the location of the last download? Every time I show moredownload something I have to click through folders until I find the one I want. It would be a lot easier if the last download location appeared as default.
MikeC (2016-03-03 14:55)
I was able move files to a unique folder with the rule below. Caption: File Moves Reference Name: r_moves Condition: *state*==[download]&&*ext*.is([ext_move]) show more #note: For my purposes I created an Extension filter named ext_move Naming Mask /special_DL/*name*.*ext* #note: this is a sub-folder in your default Chrome download location. I used Sysinternals Junction to redirect this folder to another drive.
Ryan (2016-04-20 19:52)
MikeC - you're a savior! Looking into this a bit further, I see that the {r_done} reference show moredoesn't quite work with sorting files into directories. Instead, you'll want to specify {r_downloading} instead. This way, as it downloads, it sorts the file into the appropriate directory. Simply replace the {r_done} with {r_downloading} for the default filetypes such as Images, Audio, Document, etc.
stephen trams (2016-06-27 13:25)
chromes API ask where to download yet this plugin doesnt use it? For me this is show morea MAJOR wont let me specify where to download a file...better to find something that works..
shaun (2016-08-01 14:03)
i love you
Alexander Pacheco (2016-12-14 15:59)
Ah, the whole reason I downloaded this is I thought it would let you set different show moredownload locations by filetype extension. Disappointing.
rajprasat (2017-07-03 05:49)
i would rather have option on changing save location
Ernie (2018-01-21 13:42)
Work around - Use the naming mask (+/- rules) to save different content under different sub-directories show more
Sean (2018-01-27 18:42)
For those want to try the naming mask workaround, in the Chrono sniffer, you need to show moreclick both the check box and the URL column in order to change the "naming mask" for these items. The naming mask then can be "/yourfolder/*name*.*ext* as other comments suggested.
Jonathan (2018-02-18 19:10)
Not sure how you get it to work. If i try the renaming mask, the file show moredoes not get moved. Any idea why?
Ian Nicholson (2018-05-31 15:26)
It's really important to me to be able to save multiple files into the same folder show morein succession. I tend to sort files for every download (which is why I don't want to disable the Save As... prompt either). Is there a way you can use the previous folder instead of hard-coding to the Downloads folder setting? So far this is the only limiting factor with this extension for me.
kp Li (2019-03-10 07:10)
Chrome's downloads API 每次下载时,默认为上次下载保存的目录,and permit change the that.. Do it like show more