How exactly does the Sniffer Option Work? Steps and whatnot for a computer illiterate?

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2016-11-23 00:07
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StevetotheH (2016-12-08 19:07)
How to use Sniffer-A quick start guide, kind of. I'll give you a quick breakdown that show moreshould be enough to get you going. You said computer Illiterate, not dumb so I have faith this will get you there. {_}==Step 1: Navigate to a page with multiples of the type of file you want to download. Sniffer can easily scan the webpage you are on for different types of resources.* {_}==Step 2: Click Chrono > Sniffer Note: Chrono will sort and list the objects that can be saved by groups using their file type or container (file extension) ie, .jpeg, .mp4, .img, .dsc, .zip etc, etc.** {_}==Step 3: Click the Desired Tab at top of Chrono. Note: At the top of Sniffer there are tabs, just like in Chrome browser. These tabs are each named for a different generic group of file types. For instance, inside 'Video' you may find the file types .mp4, .mpeg, and .flv files. All are video files, all will be grouped inside this tab. With images you will be given an initial preview, and a larger preview when you bring your mouse cursor over the images. {_}==Step 4: Add a checkmark inside of the boxes to the left of the file types you would like to save. Alternately, select the top checkbox to "select all". Sometimes it is easier to 'select all' and then deselect the files you do not want. As previously stated Chrono sorted the file types, with this it gives you the option at the very bottom of the list to select certain containers or 'file types'. If you pick .jpeg, only those file types will have a checkmark and only those will be downloaded in the next step. {_}==Step 5: Decide the way you want to download the files. You have two basic options shown on the bottom right of Chrono- --Now or later. {_}++Step 5a: 'Start All' (Now). This will immediately start downloading your files. There is some order to the way they download, but it's not strict. If you really want one file before others you should start that one first. Which is where the next option may help. {_}==Step 5b: 'Add Paused' This will add the download task to Chrono download manager, where the task will sit idle until you tell Chrono to start downloading. You can keep adding different files or groups of files this way, then if they are big files start them late at night before bed, or before you leave to go somewhere. If you selected 5a, you're finished, if not then onto step 6.*** Step 6: You used 'Add Paused'. To use this feature to actually download you'll need to go to the Download Manager for additional options. Click the Chrono Icon again to open it. It will open with Sniffer. From Sniffer, look in the top-most right corner and you will see two Icons. One looks like a calendar and the other a bullet point list. Hover over them with mouse cursor and they will tell you what they are.**** Select Manager (the calendar) > Select FF, two green arrows stacked (two green arrows, Typical for Fast Forward) to start all downloads that are paused. You can also select files and press the Play button at the top, this will start only those files selected. The Play button will not be available unless files are highlighted by selecting them. There you go, quick and dirty. ------------------------------------------ *Sniffer is not a substitute for extensions like 'Download them All', it will not go get images from links, as far as I know. **This may be a bit misleading on rare occasions as some containers are capable of being in more than one group. ***If using ChromeOS you will want to use the extension "Keep Awake" to stop your device from sleeping and leave the lid open. Sleeping Chromebooks don't download anything. I use the "Sun". You'll figure it out. I also turn brightness all the way down before walking away, saves power, screen and makes device look off. **** Hover over any object that is not grayed out and down at the bottom left of manager it will say what that feature does.