The Naming Mask input box is grayed out in batch/Sniffer mode?! --
When you right-click on a single image/file and use Chrono>save image as, you can edit Task Properties to change the Naming Mask for that file/download. --
However, if you use the Chrono Sniffer (from the bar button) for the whole page, there are two tabs at the bottom, one titled Quick Selection and the other Task Properties. Quick Selection works and allows you to select files to download, but when clicking on Task Properties, the box for Naming Mask is grayed out! I can't place the cursor in that box to create a naming mask for the downloads. This makes the batch download function useless. I'm not going to batch download a 100 files and then go back and individually rename them all. --
To clarify, yes I know (and have set) a universal default naming system as ., but I need to be able to add a name for each different batch/time I download files. When I do one at a time, Task Properties appears and you can edit the Naming Mask to be Bob_Smith--., but when using ChronoSniffer to download a batch/the whole page, this function is grayed out?!?

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2018-07-14 23:20
Nevermind. I figured it out. You have to click/highlight each file to make Naming Mask functional. This seems silly, I've already "checked" on each file I want to download, but now under Task Properties, I have to click on and highlight each file to use naming mask. Why?
What's more, there is no select all for this (unlike the check all box). You have to go through and shift click or arrow to highlight all the files (page up doesn't even work).
What's really to the point is there are no instructions manual for the extension that explains this. I read through the whole FAQ and this was not mentioned. It's not intuitive, if I've already "checked" the files to download, I also have to click/highlight to use naming mask for them.
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