Can I route downloads from specific sites to different folders?

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2017-07-20 06:04

Yes, you put forward slashes between the naming masks, for example your naming mask would look like so:



So that would come out with the files placed into a folder for the current date, then a folder for the host site, then the filename and it's extention.

I find that's useful to keep new photos seperated from the older ones. But you may prefer to put the date inside the website folder ornot include it at all, totally up to you.

I've found downloading from different places the results using *host* isn;t always consitant, so if that doesn't give you your desired result you can also try 

*page_title* or *refer* instead.

Although I've not foundeither of those to be 100% reliable either. Failing all of those, you can just add the site name in manually during download

like so*host*/*name*.*ext*

Hope that helps :)


I've worked out a lot of useful little tricks in this program that I've had to figure out for myself, so I might put a blog post together on my site at some point soon, as this FAQ is aweful and the top questions don't even read well, so think I need to do somethign about it lol.

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Michael (2017-12-23 12:10)
So I still have to set all the rules for all my different frequent download-sites manually? show more Firefox has the following feature already for a LOOONG time: just remind the last used downloadfolder SPECIFICALLY used for EACH of your past downloads! So everytime I download from side A, the downloader will suggest to download to folder ABC, everytime I download from side B, the downloader will suggest to download to folder XYZ, and so on .... for EACH and EVERY download and download-site I have ever used! This is extremely nice, and forces NO manual setting of any "naming masks". It should be really easy not to only remind the complete download list (which the downloader already does), but also the URL a download was done from. Just as simple as that ... Please add this feature, as I cannot see it right now, although the need fro this feature is so obvious ... ;-) Have a nice christmas, cheers, Michael