How to properly write rules for filetype sorting! Chrono Download Manager (With Screenshots)

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2022-01-07 14:00

After tinkering around for over an hour, I coded a way to properly sort all file types, as the default rules in Chrono Download Manager do not work.

Examples for rules:


Naming Mask

Notice I ditched the {r_done}&& because that was literally breaking the filtering. Also, although it doesn't matter as much as I thought, it was more logical to test if a long list of extensions in a string ".has" a certain extention inside of it. Thus you'll see ".has" used except for ext_pdf, because it's a single extension only, which I removed from ext_doc and made separate. 

I'll attach screenshots of my setup so you can get this tool working properly. I haven't bothered to learn more about it for now since it's working.

downloader rules screen 1

downloader rules screen 2

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Danny (2022-01-07 14:21)
Another custom rule for you: sort by filetype AND URL downloaded from! Using as an show moreexample, we'll see if the 'host' has the word 'etsy' inside, and then check filetype:



Naming mask:


Jurec (2023-08-07 02:59)