None of my rules work - even the default ones that come pre-configured

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2021-11-28 13:20

So at the title states - all my rules don't work. I've ticked them all to be 'active' and none are working - even the pre-configured ones that come with the extension. 

I've tested by adding "test_" as a prefix to the default naming mask, under the rules section and this does rename files to have "test_" at the start. It seems all files are doing this; pdf, jpg, mp3 etc. and not just my own rule for a specific file type. Is there something missing that I need to do?


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Jon Cording (2021-11-28 13:48)
I figured out it was an error with the default r_done rule: *state*==[finished]

show more/> I removed this from all my rules and added the name masks I wanted and now they all work. Here's an example of what I've done for anyone else:

Under rules tab for images:

For pictures

Condition: *ext*.is([ext_image])

Naming mask: Images/*name*.*ext*

For videos

Condition: *ext*.is([ext_video])

Naming mask: Videos/*name*.*ext*

For a custom file type that isn't configured under the 'extensions' tab:

Condition: *ext*.is("file_extension")

Naming mask: Custom_folder/*name*.*ext*

Danny (2022-01-07 14:07)
I saw this after I posted my exact same findings with this extension. You can see show moremy post here:

Wish I would have seen yours sooner. It was somewhat fun to tinker around with (I am a programmer) but it was also a fair waste of time! Hopefully our posts help others, because besides these frustrations it is a good downloader tool. Especially after you replace the default sound fx!