How to remember last download location?

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2015-09-20 10:50
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Flávio (2016-02-17 13:39)
I would really like to see this.
Slavi Hristozov (2016-06-20 19:32)
This is the essence of the download. I can not stress enough the importance of this show morefeature. You guys are castrating your own app.
FrankEG (2016-07-23 23:52)
So, would it at least be possible to have it bring up the dialog box and show morepoint it to the last location where it saved something? I'd be good with that. Having to constantly keep navigating back to the last location gets tedious.
JF (2016-08-04 03:39)
Yes, please please please figure out a way to make this work!
Neastrum (2016-08-07 00:38)
I also motion this be implemented. This feature is imperative to a productive workflow. The previously show moreused folder is present for ~1 second. When the download dialog is first initialised. I fail to understand why it defaults back after.
Augustin (2016-10-06 00:45)
It is imperative to have the option to remember last download location please add it back, show morethank you
isik (2016-10-27 19:33)
ComputerScientist86 (2016-11-07 20:33)
This app is literally Trash without such feature. I cannot fathom how this can be a show morething. Its nice app but when there are multiple files to download you will regret using it.
goonage (2016-11-18 23:24)
The lack of this feature makes this download manager practically useless unless you are just doing show morethe odd occasional download - and if that's the case, why the hell would you need a download manager in the first place?
RickMichigan (2016-11-23 14:45)
Yes, a setting where the default download location is the same as the last download location show morerevised has been needed for years. Or possibly an extension.
Apiwat (2017-01-06 11:41)
The app looks good. But lacking of this feature is indeed a show stopper. It is time show moreconsuming to type the full destination path every time.
Meh (2017-03-02 00:00)
+1 in 2017 .. just downloaded this app 5 minutes ago and was impressed until I show moreneeded to download a series of images and was forced to navigate through a 15+ folder path each image. How is this still not added based on dates of previous comments?
Jason (2017-03-15 20:23)
Chrome and other download managers already do this. Very annoying to have to drill down show morethrough an organized file structure for each and every file. Looking for a new app now. Thank you
User (2017-04-25 22:35)
i must uninstall this because this feature is too important
KS (2017-05-02 18:55)
I'm uninstalling the app because of this. It's the ENTIRE point of why most users want show morea download tool - to be able to download all the documents on a webpage with ease. Perhaps other users want a powerful download manager.... I'm sure this is great for them. But most people want a one-button 'download all' solution that will grab and download all the linked files on a page into a specified, preferably remembered from last time, folder (a page of PDFs or a page of audio files, etc.)
frank (2017-05-20 15:53)
Fundamental!!! I stop using Chrono only because that!
colin (2017-05-22 22:27)
FYI this is the reason I am now uninstalling this download manager. otherwise its a great show moreapp. minus this **essential** feature.
Drive (2017-05-25 18:52)
Even Shitty-Chrome can remember last dir used. Please understand this problem leads your labour and priduct show moreto ZERO. Idiots do NOT use DL managers. Idiots just can click the links. Nothing else. Install GetRight and realize what the advanced DL Man should be and should be able to do. If Chrome doesn't allow YOU to do a thing - just get your Chrome, Java, and all another bullshit and move this whole bunch to the recycle bin (don't forget to clear it later). The install normal c compiler (assembly would be better but it's too expensive in labour) and write the DL app of all the times and nations. And then if some Chrome FF, IE etc bullshit will prevent u from makeing a miracle just hack this bullshit, don't listen to Brin, Schmidt, etc, who 'stupidify' the human race and make what you should make to be a MAN. Sorry dude, I should uninstall your 'advanced' plugin. I can't scroll between millions of files in thousands of folders on my drives just to save a fucking one.
jerswing (2017-08-12 16:18)
Neither clever, nor helpful...obvious & basic DL feature!
Chris (2017-11-24 02:55)
It's ridiculous that this isn't a standard feature as it has been for so many years show morewith any browser. Clearly there are a lot of people that want this, and the usual generic responses show that Google doesn't care at all. Well they should. Not like I'm surprised, this is how every big company acts now. How about at least giving a straight answer? There must be some good reason for doing this, even if it's something that would make Google look bad.
Dave (2018-02-05 06:07)
The lack of this basic feature makes your app an absolute pain to use.
paulio (2018-02-21 17:53)
This is such a basic feature, even Internet Explorer of Windows XP had it. Uninstalled.
Timothy Best (2018-04-30 00:49)
Need to remember last download location or it's not useful.
Jason Reese (2018-07-02 14:56)
This has to be done, period! This limits the function of your app by 50%. Still show moresaves time on Chrome though, but you must fix!
Alexander Balenko (2018-07-13 22:49)
Must have feature. Guys, it is really not a big deal. Implement, please
Michael Israeli (2018-07-31 13:47)
Absence of this feature (remember last download location) kills the extension. Please, implement.
Tomas (2018-08-20 13:25)
This is such a basic feature, even Internet Explorer of Windows XP had it. Uninstalled. x2 show more
Jason Tang (2018-09-12 02:52)
What a pity, I personally consider this feature is must have. I often download lots of show morefiles to same destination directory, lacking this feature is painful, I have no choice but to stop using Chrono.
frank lang (2019-05-28 16:17)
let me know when you managed to remember last saved folder, because this app is useless show morewithout it. the features i really love about it and save much time are all nullified by the hassle to browse over the folder list over and over again.
frank lang (2019-05-28 16:49)
a look into the js script of MadApps Download Manager will show you how to get show morethe last folder that has been downloaded to. your excuse about the chrome api is complete bs. even i can see how it's done.
mm (2021-01-10 16:18)
how to import download history ?

i thought it's posibble after starting
Zézinho (2022-02-23 03:28)
Resolvi me problema de configurar uma pasta para salvar automaticamente downloads em fila.

Simples, show morevá em configurações no Google Chrome, Avançado, Download, Altere o caminho para onde quiser e desligue a opção "Perguntar onde salvar cada arquivo antes de fazer download", fazendo isso a extensão baixa automaticamente para o local que você escolheu.

I solved my problem of configuring a folder to automatically save queued downloads.

Simple, go to settings in Google Chrome, Advanced, Download, Change the path to wherever you want and turn off the option "Ask where to save each file before downloading", doing this the extension automatically downloads to the location you chose.

PS: My native language is Portuguese.

PS:Translated by Google Translate.