Can Chrono Download Manager resume a downlaod after it is suddenly stopped?

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2015-12-23 18:26
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elmer (2015-12-26 01:31)
this one really fast downloader,thanks
Ian (2016-04-26 11:13)
Why has this question not been answered??
ahmad (2016-05-08 06:21)
Ian because itis impossible
DAVID WALKER (2016-06-06 04:33)
I see this product is not maintained. They cannot even answer this most popular question! I show morewill uninstall now.
bujji (2016-06-07 21:35)
answer this question.. take it as a bug and upgrade with this add-on
Robert (2016-06-15 22:07)
This is the only function that people are asking for. What else is the point of show moreyour manager?
venkat (2016-09-27 16:38)
That's right guys, how can u ignore the most common problem faced by the users....
Steve (2016-12-28 15:31)
You have a team of morons. Congrats.
Ronald Tiwari (2017-01-08 14:33)
If you click on the Extension of Chrono Download Manager in the Top Bar of Chrome show moreit lists down the current downloading file that has been abruptly stopped. Click on the green "Play" button and the downloading resumes. Hope this helps!!!!!
marginal (2018-04-09 13:23)
Where is the fucking answer to this fucking question?
arQive (2018-08-05 21:33)
I can actually answer this question. I utilize several technology websites that are notorious for limiting show moreusers download bandwidth (I just want to make it clear no I'm not talking porn sites) and even though they are known for being unforgiving regarding resuming current downloads. I have found that chrome download manager is easily able to resume off of several of these sites. To be fair chrome was able to resume all by itself before I installed the extension, but the addition has allowed me to set up a download queue where I download one file at a time which is all the sites allow, and do not have to babysit the operation. So i can confidently proclaim the answer to this question is... yes it can... and no it can't, it all depends upon the servers you're downloading from. But to be fair I've often had similar issues when using other download managers in the past. I hope that this is been helpful ... If megabytes were kittens I'd be on one of them hoarders tv shows being dragged out of my house like some old cat lady. I have come to accept the fact that I am a datahoarder.