Can chrono download manager resume the download ?

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2017-03-27 20:17
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cade (2017-07-22 18:52)
sheesh. i found out the hard way it does not resume downloads. If it doesn't, really show morewhat's the point?
dotavi (2018-04-18 17:46)
Oh my Damn!!!!!....Dude you just saved me a 2.7GB of bandwidth.....My dumbass [hone only connected to show moreLTE when it go to 2.7gb... but when it did this, the download just hanged..i tried pausing and resuming with chrono...nothing....then after a while, it just Failed the download.. Googling turned up nothing helpful except your actually saved me a bit of csh as bundles are not cheap here in SA...irono..Im beginning to think that this chrono extension sucks royal ass...theres a ton of standalone apps that dont seem to have this problem...Infact most downloads of large files actually Fail with Chrono...I used to think it had something to do with the server side :-/
Saheb (2023-01-09 20:49)
It does't resume failed download. I applied your method but still not resume. Download page show moreand press blue resume button doesn't work. Wasted my 6GB data. No use of download manager.